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What is MYLE ?

An Integrated Care Platform for doctors, care teams and patients

MYLE transforms care delivery by uniting physicians, care teams, and patients on one single platform. Through a seamless integration of every workflow, our Integrated Care Platform raises your standard of efficiency and excellence to deliver a higher quality of care for all.


MYLE – Make Your Life Easy

The Integrated Care Platform MYLE assists you in providing personalized care to each of your patients. Because we know efficiency doesn’t end with your team, our platform empowers patients to take control of what matters most – their health. From collecting patient data to streamlining your care delivery, you can do it all through one access point: MYLE.

Gain time and peace of mind

A core EMR designed to help you work faster and smarter


Full EMR capabilities


Optimized views and design for quick assessment and actions


Fast charting with auto-complete and smart templates


Guideline-based screening and preventive care


Chronic disease prevention and management

Delight your patients

Enhance the patient experience and reduce administrative burden

  • Secure messaging and record sharing
  • Online bookings for all services offered within your clinic
  • Email and SMS reminders for confirmation or cancelation
  • Virtual consultation
  • Wait time tracking
  • MYLE Kiosk registration
  • Waiting room management
  • Integrated Care Plan and follow ups

Get your patients involved

Channel patient engagement to improve quality of care


Get precious time back

Share directly and instantaneously with patients through a secure platform without extra effort nor intermediaries.


Connect with your patients

Send results, messages, prescriptions, requisitions, insurance forms, care plans, and more, to keep them informed.


Achieve more as a team

Engage patients in their health journey and alleviate your workload with MYLE’s patient-centric features.

Exchange key information & expertise

What can the widest network of Healthcare Practitioners do for you?

To reach a higher quality of care for all patients, rely on instant access to the best information, at the right time.

  • Dispense information and request medical advice rapidly to any healthcare practitioner within a clinic using MYLE ICP thanks to MYLE XComm
  • Benefit from reliable integrated e-faxing capabilities through MYLE Connect
  • Interface with your provincial ecosystem (CNESST, CRDS, etc.)

Extend care beyond your practice

Make a greater impact with an integrated approach


Support all care venues
Extend care to long term care, home care, mental health, and behaviour health facilities.


Help your care team
Empower clinics with MYLE’s capabilities to fully adapt to your care team in any setup.


Remain in-sync
MYLE allows connectivity with various devices to give you a glimpse of your patient’s lifestyle.


Reach for transformative care
Take an integrated approach to your patients’ health and treat every dimension of their well-being.

Track patient outcomes

Predict and effectively act on population health

  • Advanced analytics
  • Personalized and effective insights
  • Rich chronic disease dashboards

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