We are committed to transform healthcare to enable better care for everyone

Les fondateurs MEDFAR, Elias Farah (droite) et Patrick Issid (gauche)

Transforming healthcare requires impact and reach at scale combined with tremendous work, compassion, courage, grit, boldness and innovation. We’ve set ourselves 5 ambitious goals for 2030 to guide our progress and success. We “MEDFARians” call those goals the 5-5s and strive every day to achieve them!

Have impact in 5 continents

Employ 5 thousand people to drive innovation

Enable 5 million care providers to deliver personalized care more efficiently

Impact positively 5 hundred million patients’ lives via our customers

Reach enterprise value of 5 billion dollars to continue driving positive transformation across the world

Our journey

MEDFAR was founded in 2010 by Elias Farah and Patrick Issid, both aeronautical engineers at the time. After reading an article in the Harvard Business Review magazine about the need for digitizing medical clinics in the US to drive efficiency and care, they saw an opportunity to make a true and a meaningful impact in the world. An analysis of the healthcare system in North America led them to conclude that the majority of medical clinics were weighed down by paperwork and administrative procedures. They then decided to apply their engineering experience to the healthcare field, founded MEDFAR and created the MYLE (Make Your Life Easy) EMR.


MEDFAR is founded


MYLE is launched becoming the first web-based EMR in Quebec


MEDFAR wins the vast majority of the public calls for tenders that year


MYLE becomes the most adopted and appreciated EMR in the province of Quebec


MEDFAR acquires Purkinje EMR customers and transitions them on MYLE EMR


MEDFAR acquires the Plexia EMR in British Columbia


MEDFAR launches MYLE in BC for primary care clinics

MEDFAR is the fastest-growing EMR provider in Canada


MEDFAR acquires Comtron in the US, expanding its range of solutions with the addition of LABGEN LIS, RCM, and EHR.

300+ Employees

Committed to improving our solutions to enable better care.

15 thousand healthcare professionals

Rely on our solutions to deliver better care.

20 millions patient visits

Delivered yearly in clinics are empowered by our solutions.

MEDFAR’s Mission
Our dedication is rooted in serving caregivers wherever they practice, to make their work easier and consequently achieve a higher quality of care for all patients. To this aim, we create powerful solutions that streamline every process and give access to an interconnected way of managing care. We believe you can achieve more while doing less, supported by technology built to extend the healthcare system’s capability. By striving to push the boundaries of excellence and efficiency in healthcare around the world, MEDFAR seeks to empower other startup companies to also be driven in making the world a better place.

Our Vision
We see the potential to transform the way healthcare is dispensed thanks to technological innovation and want to grow MEDFAR into a world-class solution company doing so. Our skill set and values give foundation to our belief that we can achieve what we set out to do. To enable providers to deliver personalized care more efficiently and empower patients to take charge of what matters most; their health.

Core values

Client success

Placing ourselves at the heart of our clients’ operations by positioning our products and services to ensure their success in every aspect is our source of pride.

Courage to innovate

By being bold, we are able to ignore what is supposed to be impossible to truly put technology at the service of our clients. For the sake of our clients, we dare!


We are honest, transparent, ethical and fair. Our clients rely on us to put our words into action and to carry out our responsibilities with integrity. We will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of profit.


We care about what we do and we relentlessly seek high standards. Because we never compromise on quality, security nor performance, our clients always remember the reliability of our products.

Determination to achieve & grow

The best insurance we can offer our clients is our commitment to grow and evolve to last. We set aggressive goals and drive ourselves hard to achieve them.


We recognize each person’s contribution to MEDFAR’s success, and we share the financial rewards that flow from high performance. We strive to offer learning opportunities to each individual.

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