February 10, 2015

Impressed by the web-based application MYLE , developed by MEDFAR Clinical Solutions and already used by more than a thousand doctors in the province of Quebec, several investor members of Anges Québec have decided to invest in the company. Thanks to these angel investors, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions can invest more in R&D and continue to push MYLE’s commercialization forward.

Enzo Blasi, the angel investor who led the investment project at Anges Québec, believes that MYLE could quickly conquer new markets, considering its advantages and the dynamism of the MEDFAR Clinical Solutions management team.

“On top of developing an efficient, flexible, user-friendly application, the company is run by a duo of peerless entrepreneurs who are highly proficient at leading business projects.  I have complete confidence in the team and in their clinical management software. Now, thanks to this funding, they will be able to expand marketing efforts outside of Quebec.”
About Enzo Blasi
Enzo Blasi is the President and founding partner of Intellio Human Capital. He started out in the business world in 1985, working as a partner at a company that he would eventually turn into an independent firm in 1997. As the sole shareholder, he managed to drive the company’s revenue from $2 to $7 million, a 300% increase in two years. A leader in the development of mobile computing solutions and wireless applications, the company became Imagina Solutions Technologiques, Inc., and was acquired by GFI Solutions in 2005. For 30 years, Mr. Blasi has taken part in the development of the information technology industry and has contributed to the launch of many companies in this field.
About Anges Québec
Anges Québec is a network of 155 private investors that identifies, finances, and supports innovative companies in Quebec with strong growth potential. To do so, Anges Québec collaborates with several leading organizations in Quebec that are interested in developing and marketing technological innovations. To date, members of Anges Québec have invested and reinvested in 58 promising companies that are in their start-up and initial growth stages.

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