Fastest Growing EMR Provider MEDFAR Acquires Plexia, Expanding Reach to Western Canada

July 2, 2020

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions, the leading pure-play Electronic Medical Record (EMR) provider in Canada, announced today the acquisition of Plexia Electronic Medical Systems, strengthening its position as the third largest and fastest growing player. This acquisition expands MEDFAR’s operations to British Columbia and Yukon, where Plexia has grown to become the most prominent EMR solution for specialists and physicians. Both MEDFAR and Plexia share a common, innovative vision to improve healthcare quality and efficiency and both are highly complementary in terms of expertise, technology, installed base and user profile.

“We are excited to join forces with Plexia and delighted to welcome the Plexia team and new users to the MEDFAR family,” said Elias Farah, MEDFAR’s CEO and co-founder. “We are confident that our pure-play EMR strategy improves the experience for our clients and their patients. Matching Plexia’s deep expertise and feature-rich solution for specialists with MYLE’s innovative EMR will offer healthcare professionals powerful tools that improve productivity, support connectivity and empower patients.”

“We are proud of joining the MEDFAR team, which will enable us to continue growing and to step up our investments in offering innovative solutions and fulfill our novel vision of a complete ecosystem to enhance the quality of care,” said Wesley Wong, Plexia’s General Manager. “MEDFAR has a skilled team with a thorough understanding of the issues in the healthcare system. They are dedicated to build state-of-the-art EMR software that dovetails with the solution we are developing around Plexia EMR with its advanced cloud-based features.”

Plexia currently serves over one thousand physicians in Western Canada and its organization continues to expand and evolve its EMR platform by working closely with their clients as well as various government bodies and health authorities. Plexia’s continuous engagement with key stakeholders ensures that its EMR solution is in sync with the latest provincial initiatives and serves the dynamic goals and purpose of its users. Plexia’s market-leading solution reflects the customer focus of their highly dedicated and skilled people who have established long-term relationships with each client.

The acquisition accelerates MEDFAR’s expansion in Canada and increases its footprint to more than 6,000 physicians and more than 20,000 users. More than 1,500 medical clinics delivering 6 millions visits per year will be the first to be powered by the only complete EMR-based Virtual Care Management Solution in Canada.


Founded in 2010 by two aeronautical engineers, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions was the first to certify a fully web-based EMR solution in Canada. With the support of experts from its medical and clinical advisory board, the MEDFAR team evolved its solution, MYLE (for Make Your Life Easy), from a simple EMR to a powerful end-to-end Clinical Management Solution that streamlines each and every clinical process, freeing caregivers from the burden of administrative tasks and helping them achieve more. MEDFAR grew to become the preeminent EMR solution provider in Quebec and a leader in international markets. MEDFAR is relentlessly committed to its mission of driving excellence and efficiency in healthcare across the world.

About Plexia

Plexia was founded in 2003 to help physicians work better by providing advanced innovative EMR solutions. Its long-standing reputation of service excellence is built upon years of providing quality service and personalized customer support. Plexia’s team approach of supporting no matter fellow team members or clients with the utmost respect and integrity, has been a key ingredient to their success. By investing their energies and resources into secure and latest technologies, users of Plexia can entrust their team to look after their EMR needs while they focus on patient care.

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