How MYLE Can Help Tackle Covid-19’s Second Wave

October 9, 2020

Many clinics are gauging and anticipating the impacts of a second wave of coronavirus in their staff and patients as they are not properly equipped to face it. Discover how MYLE can be an important leverage for the security and efficiency of healthcare workers in the coming months.To read the full article, click here and go to page 16.

Identifying the most vulnerable patients

  • MYLE is enhanced with a powerful data analysis functionality, MYLE Analytics, which associates vulnerability codes to patients
  • This module also provides valuable data concerning COVID cases and allows the medical staff to assess how the cases were handled

To learn more about MYLE Analytics, click here.

Protecting patients with a complete virtual care management solution

  • The Portal lets healthcare providers and administrative staff send documents to patients electronically without any physical contact
  • Clinicians can perform consultations virtually with MYLE Telemed

To learn more about MYLE Patient Portal, click here.
To learn more about MYLE Telemed, click here.

What does the post-COVID future look like?

The MYLE technology not only allows clinicians to view and assess a patient’s home, but may also act as a triage system: will healthcare’s first line become virtual?

Read the full article here.

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