October 23, 2015

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions (“MEDFAR”) has been awarded three major calls for tenders in a row in the Montréal region, and is now the main supplier of electronic medical record solutions in Quebec’s public health network.

These calls for tenders are part of the provincial initiative to computerize primary care: MEDFAR has been tasked with implementing its Electronic Medical Record (“EMR“) platform in the clinics in the region. The calls for tenders were issued by:
The Jewish General Hospital, for the following clinics:

  • Herzl Family Practice Centre FMG-FMU
  • Village Santé FMG of the De la Montagne CSSS
  • Côte-des-Neiges FMG-FMU
  • Métro FMG-FMU
  • Parc-Extension FMG-FMU
  • La Maison Bleue Côte-des-Neiges, La Maison Bleue Parc-Extension,

Jeanne Mance CSSS, for the following clinics:

  •  Saint-Louis du Parc FMG
  • Des Faubourgs FMG
  • Notre-Dame FMG

St. Mary’s Hospital for the following clinic:

  •  St. Mary’s FMG and FMU

Including the contract that the CSSS de la Vieille-Capitale and the CSSS de Québec-Nord recently awarded to MEDFAR, the company has won four of the largest calls for tenders to implement an electronic medical records solution in the province of Quebec. MEDFAR is now the main supplier of EMR solutions in Quebec’s public health network.

These three new public calls for tenders were awarded after a rigorous process that once again pitted MEDFAR against all the other EMR system providers in Quebec. The selection committees, composed of doctors, administrators, project managers, and education directors from each of the institutions, recognized the value in MEDFAR’s service offering and the quality of its EMR solution, MYLE.

Deployed at six public facilities at 19 sites in Québec City and Montréal, MYLE software will be used on a daily basis by more than 2,200 doctors, residents, nurses, and other health professionals involved in the public network. By partnering with MEDFAR, these professionals are joining the MYLE user community, which now includes more than 5,000 doctors and health professionals across Quebec.

Elias Farah, President & CEO, firmly believes that:
“The selection committees’ decisions to award MEDFAR these three tenders demonstrates that MYLE is truly the ultimate solution for improving clinical teams’ efficiency while continuing to provide top-notch care. Furthermore, because it was developed with a focus on multidisciplinary communication, it is the ideal platform to use in medical education in Quebec.”  

He adds:
“The MEDFAR team is very proud to serve as the main supplier of EMR solutions in Quebec’s public health network.”

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