An Integrated Care Platform for doctors, care teams and patients​


A core EMR designed to help you work
faster and smarter

Communicate and inform with your MYLE Patient Portal​

Part of our offering is the ever-useful MYLE Patient Portal, an online portal that modernizes the patient-caregiver experience and drives patient engagement by offering online booking and data sharing between the care team and the patient.

Thanks to the MYLE Patient Portal, care teams can communicate directly and seamlessly with their patients by sending them messages, medical information, results, prescriptions, forms, care plans, and more.

With MYLE Analytics, numbers are in: your clinic, your patients, your management​

What is the monthly average number of appointments at your clinic? How many of them are canceled without notice? MYLE Analytics lets you pull relevant data and find answers to your questions.

Thanks to this module, MYLE users and administrators have access to quantitative information to analyze the workings of their organization, allowing them to make better operational decisions for the clinic and data-driven recommendations for their cohort of patients.

Switching EMRs: a reliable, time-tested process

Our team of experts in data transfer and project management has created a proven process that works every time, no matter the size or particularities of your medical practice. Your clinic benefits from our combined experience in data transfer spanning over a decade and including the smallest to the largest regional project scope.

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