Make informed decisions thanks to the power of data

To allow users to harness and analyze clinical data, the MYLE Integrated Care Platform includes MYLE Analytics, an advanced population health and powerful analytics tool.

This module stores and structures all data entered within the EMR, helping you build and continuously monitor a rich, detailed database.

health data

Harness the power of data

health data

Leverage data to track patient outcomes

Thanks to a wide variety of filters, MYLE ICP users can utilize MYLE Analytics to generate any type of report needed in the pursuit of better patient care. Once the data is pulled, it is possible to view it in a variety of formats, such as graphs, tables or lists, and easily export it for sharing purposes.

Relevant data

Numbers are in: your clinic, your patients, your management

What is the monthly average number of appointments at your clinic? How many of them are canceled without notice? MYLE Analytics lets you pull relevant data and find answers to your questions.

Thanks to this module, MYLE users and administrators have access to quantitative information to analyze the workings of their organization, allowing them to make better operational decisions for the clinic and data-driven recommendations for their cohort of patients.

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