Leverage the widest network of healthcare providers

Information sharing between healthcare providers is crucial in the continuum of care. The MYLE Integrated Care Platform boasts a comprehensive communication module to streamline and unbound the process of sharing information with colleagues. With MYLE ICP being used by more than 1,400 clinics, it is now easier than ever to reach and connect with your whole network beyond the confines of your platform.

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Easily and efficiently exchange information

Dossier médical partagé

Communicate how you like with MYLE Xcomm

Send and receive patient files and documents that contain medical information while maintaining maximum security and confidentiality with MYLE Xcomm. By using MYLE, your clinic also benefits from easy access to expert referrals for your patients through the direct request function.

Dossier médical partagé

Take paper out of your hands and get instant access to information with MYLE Direct & Outgoing Faxing

Manage faxes in a completely digital format with our incoming and outgoing fax functionalities. MYLE Direct is a fully integrated e-fax solution created to receive and efficiently index prescriptions, forms, medical summaries, and more directly to a patient’s chart. Our outgoing fax functionality allows you to send documents in a few clicks also without a papertail.

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Appointment & Communication

Reduce your administrative burden with functionalities that put patients at the heart of their care journey.

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Data Analysis

Manage your clinic and its population health with confidence, thanks to real-time reports just a click away.

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EMR Transition

A reliable, time-tested and personalized process that propels you to a higher efficiency level.

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Powerful core EMR

Work smarter and faster with MYLE ICP.

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