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Date of last update: September 16th, 2020

The protection of personal information is an important matter for MEDFAR Clinical Solutions (hereafter named “MEDFAR”), this is why MEDFAR has a confidentiality policy (hereafter named “Policy”). The Policy lets you know how, why and under which circumstances MEDFAR collects your personal information. Please read the Policy attentively and regularly to be aware of its modifications.


MEDFAR develops softwares and commercializes a shareable Electronic Medical Record and a generic connectivity platform. These major features allow the transparent gathering of actors from different private and public healthcare establishments through a one-stop shop. They maintain the interoperability of the establishments’ technological systems in a territory in order to facilitate the sharing of information between the authorized clinicians to allow for a better continuity.

Reach of the Policy

The Policy defines MEDFAR’s commitment concerning the protection of confidential information in its possession. The Policy applies to all the personal information collected from our website (www.medfarsolutions.com), from the Electronic Medical Record MYLE, from MYLE Patient Portal or from our Knowledge Base. The Policy also applies to any information disclosed during a communication between MEDFAR and you, either by phone or by email.

Collect and use of personal information

3.1. Nature of the personal information

Personal information is information that concerns a natural person and that can be used to identify them, including first names and names, addresses, telephone numbers (home or cell phone numbers), domicile addresses, birth dates, information regarding their employment, as well as information appearing on their credit cards, but excluding any information available in the public sphere. MEDFAR collect some of this personal information when certain actions are taken on the website, including during:

  • A subscription to a newsletter;
  • A subscription to an event, such as a webinar;
  • A communication with MEDFAR, including a communication through the Chatbot or the sending of an email, a comment or a request for information;
  • A purchase or a subscription.

When you take one of these preceding actions, you provide certain personal information.

MEDFAR’s Electronic Medical record system (hereafter named the “System”) keeps the information that is required to maintain a medical record. More specifically, the files contain personal information necessary to identifying or contacting the patient, including their name, first name, birth date, gender, health insurance number, address(es), phone number(s), email address, as well as some clinical information, including clinical notes, lab results, problems and diagnosis, and information regarding the medication.

The System also keeps information regarding the operations of the clinics that are MEDFAR’s clients, including information on the appointments, the recall and reminder lists, the subscriptions with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (hereafter named “RAMQ”), the billing to the RAMQ, the system configuration specific to each clinic, and the users’ licences.

Moreover, some personal information concerning the users are part of the data used by the System, including the name, first name, birth date, gender, specialty, licence number and email address.

3.2. Why collect personal information?

MEDFAR only collects the personal information reasonably necessary to deliver services that achieve a high standard of quality and personnalisation. Therefore, MEDFAR collects personal information with the following goals:

  • Allowing its clients to buy or subscribe to service;
  • Personalizing its customer support;
  • Understanding the needs of its customers;
  • Communicating with its customers.

Sharing, using, protecting and accessing personal information

4.1. Protection and sharing of personal information

MEDFAR is committed to only use personal information in its possession to allow its clients to use the System, and in the previously mentioned situation.

MEDFAR is committed to respect confidentiality regarding personal information in its possession. Therefore, personal information will not be shared with third parties, except in situations specifically mentioned in the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

The personal information collected are hosted on servers located in Canada, in Quebec and in Ontario. In MEDFAR, the access to personal information is restricted to employees who need it to perform their job. All employees at MEDFAR are aware of and trained on the importance of respecting confidentiality.

4.2. Communications

As part of its activities, MEDFAR uses some personal information to communicate with its clients, primarily using emails. At any time, you can choose to not receive promotional emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.

Some emails contain information regarding the System and are necessary to its proper use, such as emails concerning the System’s updates or service interruptions. MEDFAR will continue to send these emails to maintain a high level of service.


By using MEDFAR’s services, by giving some personal information and/or by navigating on its website, you consent to MEDFAR collecting, using and communicating personal information in accordance with the Policy and with the modalities permitted or required by the legislation in effect in Quebec.

Google Analytics

As part of its activities, MEDFAR collects, through its website, some statistical data that are not personal information and that are not used to identify you, including the browsers used, their language setting, the web pages visited and the duration of the visits, as well as the approximative localisation of the IP addresses.

The statistical data collecting tool used by MEDFAR is Google Analytics. Please read Google Analytics’ Confidentiality agreement here : Privacy and Terms.

This data is collected automatically using analytics tools and allows MEDFAR to understand its clients and their browsing habits, and to evaluate the traffic on its website. Ultimately, these tools allow MEDFAR to offer a better browsing experience and personalized customer service.

This information is collected using cookies. At any time, you can modify the configuration of your browser to stop allowing cookies or to remove them from your browser. However, please note that by deactivating, removing or disabling cookies, it is likely that you will no longer have access to some features of MEDFAR’s website. By using MEDFAR’s website without deactivating, removing or disabling cookies, you implicitly consent to MEDFAR collecting, using and communicating information necessary to the execution of their functions.

Access to your personal information and update

7.1. Personal information protection officer

You can contact the personal information protection officer to access, correct or delete your personal information.

7.2. Comment, question or complaint regarding personal information

For any comment, question or complaint regarding personal information, you can contact the personal information protection officer using the following contact information:

Name: Patrick Issid

Email: patrick.issid@medfarsolutions.com

Policy udpate

The Policy is effective as of September 16th, 2020 and can periodically be updated by MEDFAR, in which case the “Date of last update” will also be modified. Using the website after the publication of the Policy or of an updated version of the Policy constitutes the agreement to the Policy.

Policy interpretation

A French version of the Policy is also available. In the case of discrepancy between the French and the English versions, the French version will take precedence.

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