Involve your patients in their care journey

The MYLE Integrated Care Platform provides an easy way for patients to be involved and stay engaged in their own care.

Through intuitive functionalities, we give an effective solution to both patients and care teams and alleviate your administrative burden. When patients are in-sync with all the knowledge that pertains to their care, they become effective contributors in the ecosystem.

Working at a busy primary care clinic is no obstacle to improved overall health management when you have the right tools to partner with your patients.

Communicate and inform with your MYLE Patient Portal

Part of our offering is the ever-useful MYLE Patient Portal, an online portal that modernizes the patient-caregiver experience and drives patient engagement by offering online booking and data sharing between the care team and the patient.

Thanks to the MYLE Patient Portal, care teams can communicate directly and seamlessly with their patients by sending them messages, medical information, results, prescriptions, forms, care plans, and more.

Keep track of your scheduled appointments instantly with appointment confirmation

Automate appointment confirmation and reminders via SMS and email to increase attendance while freeing up some of your staff’s valuable time.

See ahead and prepare for your day with patient questionnaires

MYLE gives you the option to automatically send patient questionnaires before a patient’s appointment. The information received gives you an edge to triage, prepare and focus the consultation for better care with no distractions.

Manage your check-ins with MYLE Kiosk

MYLE Kiosk is a physical in-clinic kiosk that enables patients to self-register upon their arrival at the clinic, book a walk-in appointment as well as update their demographic and contact information easily.

MYLE Kiosk is fully integrated with the MYLE ICP and will automatically update the calendar as well as the patient profile, reducing the risk of errors.

Attend your consultation face-to-face from anywhere with MYLE Telemed

As a virtual consultation tool fully integrated within MYLE ICP, MYLE Telemed allows physicians to securely and easily conduct remote consultations.

With no download required, physicians can start a remote consultation within three clicks – directly from the patient record in the MYLE ICP.

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