Work smarter and faster with MYLE ICP

The MYLE Integrated Care Platform (MYLE ICP) brings physicians, care teams and patients together on a single platform. By streamlining every aspect of their work, MYLE helps care teams become more efficient and empower patients, thus improving the quality of care.

Dependable & flexible core EMR functionalities

Gain control of your schedule for peace of mind

Optimized views

MYLE’s user-friendly interface gives users an optimal view of crucial information in a patient’s record to facilitate decision-making at every step of a patient’s care journey. View a patient’s health status at a glance with a streamlined cumulative summary that includes all the procedures a patient has undergone.

Easy data entry and templates

MYLE provides convenient and fast data entry through all your preferred methods: keyboard, mouse, dictation, stylus, and macros. In addition, charting notes is simplified with clickable, customizable text templates to help physicians save time.

Preventive care and chronic disease management

MYLE enables physicians to build a personalized care plan, chart preventive care activities and easily track them to prevent missing a follow-up with a patient. Alerts on the pending status of exam requests and preventive activities also make it easy to stay on top of awaited results to better manage care for chronic disease.

Results management

MYLE interfaces with all laboratory and diagnostic imaging providers to give you convenient access to reports all in one place. Tools to maximize the processing of results are at your disposal to consult past reports, annotate results, complete a clinical note, send tasks, and more.


MYLE comes with integrated, automated calculators such as the Framingham cardiovascular risk score or renal function estimation to accelerate the charting of clinical notes and focus your time and energy on your patient.


MYLE generates an optimal, error-free billing & invoice process that complies with province-specific requirements as well as private insurance providers. Coupled with the MYLE Analytics functionality, you can leverage your clinic’s data to fully optimize billing and maximize your returns.

MYLE Connect grants you full automation and seamless integrations with other systems

A powerful integration engine and APIs to support all your workflows

MYLE Connect is a built-in technology that allows interfacing the MYLE Integrated Care Platform to any software and productivity platform you need to streamline data exchange and workflows.

Using the highest integration and security standards, we connect you to laboratory and imaging systems, Electronic Health Record (EHR), customer relationship management software (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), and more.

Through the MYLE ICP, you get to experience the full benefits of having your best tools talking and working together harmoniously and removing manual and non-added value tasks.

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