Switching EMRs: a reliable, time-tested process

An electronic medical record (EMR), when chosen, implemented and used properly, is the tool that has the greatest impact on the efficiency of a clinic. When it comes to switching EMRs, where should you begin?

Our team of experts in data transfer and project management has created a proven process that works every time, no matter the size or particularities of your medical practice. Your clinic benefits from our combined experience in data transfer spanning over a decade and including the smallest to the largest regional project scope.

Get complete, personalized support during the transition

Kickoff session

The roles and responsibilities of each party are discussed to ensure clarity before the transition begins. Based on your clinic’s unique technological needs and operational priorities, our experts help you define the ideal organizational structure for you.



Based on the information gathered in the previous step, we customize the MYLE Integrated Care Platform so that it fits your needs.


Data migration

We guarantee the transfer of all your data. Whether it comes from an EMR or another source, its integrity will be validated by our experts and transferred according to the best practices, a standard that MEDFAR has established.


Interface setup

We make sure to connect any third parties, such as lab results and imaging providers, to your MYLE environment.



Tailored training with a digital adoption platform and access to the MYLE ICP environment will be provided before the Go-Live for every type of user, in addition to our exhaustive Knowledge Base containing articles and videos.


Onboarding and Support

Our team of experts deploys MYLE, on-site. We make sure that we remain on-site as long as necessary for the correct onboarding of the platform in your clinic.


Feedback session

A meeting to review and evaluate previously set objectives gives us the opportunity to adjust and collaborate until they are met and as they evolve.


24/7 Client Support

Our expert team is available to assist you within 2 minutes, any time of day.


Follow-ups with Client Success team

Our Client Success team acts as an ongoing point of contact that helps your clinic achieve its objectives by studying your needs to offer continuous training and support. A transition is successful only with your continued satisfaction.



The most secure and reliable EMRs on the market

MEDFAR’s history stands out with a cadence of national premieres in the adoption of cutting-edge technology. That innovation leadership is laser-focused on fulfilling our promise: speed, availability, and adaptability are the foundations of the MYLE Integrated Care Platform. Year after year, MEDFAR devotes considerable efforts and resources to maintain its leadership position in terms of performance and security. We are committed to ensuring the fastest, most adaptable and most reliable healthcare platform in Canada.

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