Clinic portals improve efficiency, empower patients, reduce no-shows

November 24, 2023

As healthcare goes digital, clinics nationwide are harnessing tools to foster patient engagement, streamline operations, and elevate the quality of care. MYLE EMR super users provided their experience optimizing online appointment booking and sharing medical information with patients: a chain of clinics owner and multiple physicians expressed their transformative experiences using MYLE Patient Portal. Here is their blueprint for success.

Commitment to adoption

“It’s the best thing I’ve done for the clinic,” enthused Ms. Chau Nguyen, owner and administrator of Cliniques En Route in Montreal (QC). She has been adamant on implementing the MYLE Patient Portal, estimating that 90% of regular patients are now connected to the portal, with her staff taking the initiative to open an account for every patient who comes through the door.

While methodologies to promote patient portal adoption may differ, one sentiment remains consistent. Having a steady eye on the benefits of the portal seems to be the driving force. 

”Nowadays, everyone sees the necessity. A physician seeing a patient that has no portal, goes straight to the staff to ask why. Our physicians can’t operate without the portal.” – Ms. Chau Nguyen

Following a similar journey to successful adoption of the cutting edge patient-engagement solution is Dr. David Harrison, in British Columbia. “MYLE is the third patient portal system we’ve tried and it’s by far the easiest one to use in terms of booking and sending information.”

For fellow BC physician Dr. Meera Anand of Harmony Care Family Practice, MYLE Patient Portal’s capabilities bolstered her commitment to devote the time to drive its adoption. Within 6 months, her clinic has seen a 42% increase of patient accounts on the portal.

Dr. Harrison recalls, “We didn’t have online booking for two weeks during the pandemic. You could see the volume of calls go through the roof. It was absolute chaos.” He now emphasizes an online scheduling approach with 80% of patients booking their appointments online. A view echoed by Dr. Anand who estimates that the online booking proportion stands at around 70% for some physicians. The perks? Massive staff relief and a drastic dip in no-shows. “We had one call after the other, we were burning out the MOAs just for appointment booking and they had no time for other tasks,” shared Dr. Anand.

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To learn how Ms. Chau Nguyen, Dr. David Harrison, and Dr. Meera Anand harnessed the power of the MYLE Patient Portal to elevate patient engagement and streamline operations:


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