Choosing the right EMR: A physician shares his experience with MYLE in the Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine

May 2, 2023

As seen in the Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine issue of May 2023.

When Dr. Forson Chan and his wife Dr. Kristie Wong opened Oakmount Medical, their family practice clinic in Burnaby, BC, they faced a common problem awaiting clinic owners: choosing the right Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for their team.

Aging patient panels with increasing medical complexity and staffing shortages are common problems that doctors and clinics regularly face. An intuitive EMR is paramount to address these challenges and reduce administrative burden.

Seeking a solution that would empower his team as well as his patients, Dr. Chan tackled this selection with a meticulous, hands-on approach. His advice: figure out how long it takes to perform your common workflows on different EMRs. In short, try them out yourself!

After having adopted the MYLE Integrated Care Platform by MEDFAR Clinical Solutions at his clinic for a little over a year, Dr. Chan shares what it has been like to work with “the platform that had everything I needed.”

As part of his local Division of Family Practice, Dr. Chan’s vision is geared towards collaboration and that extends to his choice of EMR. Allowing doctors to work closely together is a major factor for Oakmount Medical. “We wanted to find a solution that would work with us and for us in attaining that goal of streamlining collaboration in our city.“

Increased efficiency

Having worked in other clinics where staffing support was often stretched thin, Dr. Chan recognized the importance of a solution that streamlines daily workflows. Leveraging automation to work faster and smarter as well as functionalities that allow tasks to be completed remotely reduces the high clerical staff turnover rates experienced by many clinics.

Moreover, an intuitive platform such as MYLE facilitates the training of administrative personnel and reduces the monotony and frustration with their tasks.

“When a clinic is not overextended, it’s a transformative factor for quality of life and the ability to deal with emergencies,“ added Dr. Chan. “Our staff are usually able to respond to every single task, message, and fax received almost immediately or at worst within one hour, in addition to taking phone calls from patients.” 

Better use of data for better patient outcomes

The ability to pull, organize and interpret his clinic’s large amount of data with a powerful analytics module also turns out to be a game changer in terms of efficiency.

Used on a bi-weekly basis, MYLE Analytics has enhanced the clinic’s ability to meet requirements in quality improvement projects while zeroing in on common safety issues in primary care. 

“As part of our New-To-Practice contract in BC, we’re required to conduct Quality Improvement projects to optimize the care that we provide,” Dr. Chan explained. “MYLE Analytics allows us to target patients that have suboptimally controlled diabetes, overdue pap smears, and polypharmacy. It helps us to search, identify, categorize, and understand our panel. All that data is very important for us, to optimize the care that we provide.” 

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