MEDFAR announces the upcoming launch of its mobile application MYLE Health

April 28, 2023

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions, provider of the MYLE Integrated Care Platform, unveiled today the upcoming arrival of its MYLE Health mobile application at the annual congress Première Ligne en Santé. Faithful to its mission to innovate for efficiency and excellence in healthcare, the company is developing a solution that will offer clinics an effective way to promote patient autonomy for better access to their care, all from their smartphones.

“We have integrated MYLE with almost every practitioner. We are now proud to focus on the most important participant in the healthcare equation: the patient. By integrating them on the same platform as physicians, we will be able to eliminate multiple unnecessary steps that only add friction to the system, shared Elias Farah, CEO and Co-founder of MEDFAR.”

Inspired by the success of its Patient Portal launched in 2017, where hundreds of thousands of documents are shared between care teams and their patients each month, MEDFAR proposes to further simplify this convergence with its mobile app. Easing the burden on clinics while giving patients a better experience and access to healthcare professionals is the mandate undertaken.

Putting the patient at the heart of the care trajectory with MYLE Health

As presented in this video, the MYLE Health mobile app will offer users:

  • Appointment scheduling with the ability to make changes simply and quickly;
  • Secure messaging to communicate effectively, under the control of the physician;
  • Direct access to forms and lab results sent by healthcare professionals;
  • Family management to be at the heart of their medical follow-up.

MYLE Health, a solution to the administrative burden of clinics at your fingertips

More than one in two Quebecers already have access to the MYLE patient portal available online. The arrival of its mobile version promises to allow clinics to reduce their administrative burden.

Developed in collaboration with clinicians and users of the platform, MYLE Health will first appear in the clinics served by MEDFAR in Quebec, with the first pilot projects planned in the coming months. It will be used through a secure registration process that does not require any intervention from the clinic’s administrative staff.

“Approximately 70% of primary care consultations result in an action to be taken by the patient. Whether it’s taking medication, doing a blood test, an imaging exam or consulting another health professional, there is a follow-up to be done, both for the clinics and for the patient, points out Patrick Issid, Chief of R&D and Innovation, and Co-founder of MEDFAR. With a solution that allows us to establish a communication process with as few administrative steps as possible, we gain efficiency and unparalleled peace of mind in treating patients.”

A well-defined plan for the continued benefit of clinics

MEDFAR is already planning a roadmap full of innovative features that will leverage the full power of smartphones.

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