January 20, 2017

Today’s technological landscape is changing rapidly. A wide range of emerging technologies are quietly finding their place among the health system’s various sectors, helping respond to the booming demand for care caused by the aging population. Since 2010, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions has made a name for itself by working to develop innovative technologies that help surmount the challenges that the medical field faces today. The main goal that drives the development of our EMR platform is to combine efficiency, quality care, and optimal patient relations. The EMR platform we have developed will enable you to face the challenges that affect clinics and hospitals today. Here are 10 reasons why you should adopt MYLE at your clinic:

1- MYLE is the most user-friendly tool of its kind on the market — easy to learn and use!

2- MYLE is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and from any platform (Windows or Mac).

3- MYLE offers a wide range of tools that will save you time and boost your efficiency.

4- MYLE is flexible. You can adapt it to your processes and your specific needs.

5- MYLE is a collaboration platform that is meant to be used by the entire team.

6- MYLE offers you all the tools necessary to make the transition from paper to electronic records and to free up space allocated to archives.

7- MYLE instantly receives your laboratory and imaging results.

8- MYLE is constantly evolving, and a medical committee comprising 14 doctors determines which improvements should be prioritized.

9- MYLE outperforms the competition terms of robustness, speed, and security.

10- MYLE can integrate all the data you have stored in another EMR system. Our team of experts takes care of transferring your clinical and administrative data into MYLE and ensures that the implementation is successful.

Our company’s history is filled with success stories. Have a look at the articles about the Saint-François medical clinic in Saint-Pie, Quebec and the Santa Catarina Clinic in Monterrey, Mexico to see how the MEDFAR team collaborates to achieve success.

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