January 5, 2015

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions (“MEDFAR”) has won the call for tenders issued by the CSSS de la Vieille-Capitale and the CSSS de Québec-Nord, the largest call for tenders in the province that is part of the provincial initiative to computerize primary care.

This project will entail deploying the MYLE software at nine facilities, where it will be used by more than 500 doctors, residents, nurses, and other health professionals. MEDFAR was awarded this project after competing against all the other EMR solution providers in the province. During the long competition process, the different proposals underwent:

  • Exhaustive functional and technological criteria
  • Security audits to certify that confidential data is protected
  • Testing of real clinical scenarios to directly assess the different suppliers’ abilities to meet the various needs of clinical and administrative staff in a CSSS
  • Validation of satisfaction surveys sent to customers who use the various bidders’ solutions.

After months of rigorous evaluation, the selection committee, composed of doctors, administrators, project managers and education directors, ultimately chose to award the tender to MEDFAR.

Mr. Elias Farah, President & CEO, stated:
“We’d like to thank the doctors at the two CSSSs as well as the whole selection committee for the trust they’ve placed in us. Our team is very enthusiastic about the idea of being able to serve such a rich, diverse network in the capital city. To us, this demonstrates that our determination to constantly improve our EMR platform in accordance with what doctors and clinics really need allows us to set ourselves part from the competition and offer the simplest, most efficient solution on the market.”

Mr. Patrick Issid, Chief Operations Officer, continues:
“We are very proud of the decision that the selection committee made after an arduous process that was honest and fair. We certainly have our work cut out for us – a nice challenge that we look forward to. Our team and our partners are extremely motivated by the prospect of collaborating with all the staff in the region, and we will always be sure to do whatever it takes to demonstrate to the members of the committee that they’ve made the right choice!” 

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