MEDFAR launches MYLE Telemed and consolidates the only complete virtual care management system

April 14, 2020

MEDFAR is proud and excited to announce the deployment of MYLE Telemed, our new teleconsultation feature that adds audio and video capabilities to our care management solution MYLE. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, MEDFAR launched an extensive consultation of all of its users who clearly identified teleconsultation as a key asset to adjust their practice to the new telehealth guidelines. A simple and efficient teleconsultation feature, seamlessly integrated within the MYLE telehealth modules, had the potential to revolutionize their remote practice.

Always putting our clients’ success at the center of our efforts, we rapidly adjusted our operations to support our users in the context of the pandemic and allow them to continue their activities safely. All of our teams rallied to rapidly integrate the teleconsultation feature to the MYLE ecosystem and deploy it on a large scale and free of charge. 

“Teleconsultation with MYLE Telemed is a central feature in our vision of an integrated virtual care management system, including MYLE EMR, MYLE Connect and MYLE Patient Portal” commented Elias Farah, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions’ CEO. “With the crisis caused by COVID-19, we rapidly assigned all of our teams to a  large-scale deployment of our complete ecosystem for free. This unprecedented operation aims to support over 11,000 healthcare professionals who trust MEDFAR and fight the pandemic on the frontline.”

Thanks to MYLE Telemed, clinicians can start a teleconsultation with their patient directly from the electronic medical record MYLE. This new feature is highly efficient and easy to use, both for the patient and the clinician, as it does not require any download and can be activated by three clicks, directly from the patient’s file. 

As soon as MYLE Telemed was launched, many users reached out to MEDFAR and shared their positive comments: 

«At the beginning of the pandemic, I was forced to isolate myself so I quickly tested platforms recommended by the Ministry. Without the right integration to my EMR, nothing was simple. MYLE Telemed brings together efficiency and simplicity. It changes everything (in a good way !!!)

– Montréal

“I can’t believe it is as easy as that…” 

– Rimouski

“This is so f*cking perfect” 

– Montréal

“But it is so much easier than [the other platforms]! I don’t understand why the MSSS does not promote it!” 

– Greenfield Park

“Apart from a unicorn that heals COVID-19, I don’t see any tool that would be more efficient than this… How did you do this so rapidly?” 

– Québec

MYLE Telemed is a new addition to the initiatives taken by MEDFAR in an effort to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Indeed, from the start of the pandemic, MEDFAR made sure to support the public healthcare system by deploying critical features to all of its users, without any additional charge. These features contribute to facilitate users’ day-to-day by permitting the electronic transmission of documents between institutions or directly to the patient. As many as 40% of the professionals on the front line of the public healthcare system will have access to teleconsultation through MEDFAR’s MYLE Telemed. 

MEDFAR is proud to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by offering free and unlimited use of MYLE Telemed, MYLE Patient Portal and e-fax to the users and their patients until September 1st, 2020.

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